Gold and Sterling Silver Belt Buckles

Solid 18k Gold Engraved Belt BuckleA gold or sterling silver belt buckle is often the finishing touch that completes the perfect belt. While choosing the perfect hide and color of your new belt is the foundation of  it’s style, the buckle is what many admirers will notice first. Many of our customers have multiple buckles that they interchange with their belts depending on the style that is needed for that days activities.Sterling Silver and 18k gold Belt Buckle

Belt Buckle Styles

Many people think of big cowboy belt buckles when they first hear the term. While those have been popular with certain segments for decades, most of our customers choose a more contemporary style for their new alligator belt. A few of those contemporary designs are below…

“Coronado” Sterling Silver Buckle and Belt combination


For those that enjoy the luxury of wearing a solid gold belt buckle, the same buckles above are available in 14k gold, 18k gold and rose gold.

3 and 4 Piece Buckle Sets

Some belt wearers want to adorn their belts with a greater amount of silver or gold. Those individuals will choose a “buckle set” that includes 1 or 2 silver or gold “keepers” and a silver or gold tip. Some examples of 3 and 4 piece sets are

“Monterey” Sterling Silver 3 Piece Buckle Set

Unique and custom styles

There are many belt wearers and collectors look for the most unique and custom styles to complete their perfect belt. They may want to have specifics precious stones, logos, animals, or symbols incorporated into their Gold or Sterling Silver Belt Buckle. Some examples of these designs include…

Hornback Alligator Belt

Whatever your individual style, there is a gold or sterling silver belt buckle that will compliment it. Pair one of our stunning belt buckles with the perfect American Alligator, Hornback Alligator, Alligator tail, Stingray, Ostrich, or Lizard belt culminates in a combination that will be enjoyed for years, if not generations.

For more information or if you would like us to help you choose a belt and buckle that is right for you, call us at 619.504.5867

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