Classic Billfolds

All of our wallets are handmade and signed by master craftsman John Allen Woodward. The highest quality hides are paired with John’s unique designs and attention to detail. The end result is what we believe to be the finest wallets on the market today, guaranteed for as long as you own it. Questions? Call us 720.667.4846

“This is a fantastic product. I’ve owned a Ralph Lauren purple label alligator wallet for years and this has been the only wallet that’s every bit as good. It’s also less expensive. Construction is outstanding. Most alligator wallets (even expensive ones) are thick and bulky – this one is incredibly light and thin. If this fits your budget and you are looking for a luxe alligator wallet – buy it.”  – Amazon Customer I purchased a wallet after carefully going through several available options across the country. Mr.Woodward delivered unmatched craftsmanship that is second to none . Thanks for the time invested in a one of a kind piece." - Alan Brewer