.75" Sterling Silver "San Dieguito" Belt Buckle


The John Allen Woodward Alligator Belt is a truly exquisite accessory that seamlessly merges timeless style with impeccable craftsmanship. Handcrafted by the renowned artisan John Allen Woodward, this belt showcases the natural beauty of genuine alligator leather, meticulously selected for its unparalleled texture and durability. Each belt features a sleek and versatile design, making it the perfect complement to both formal and casual attire. With his impeccable attention to detail and unparalleled quality, John Allen Woodward’s Alligator Belts are exceptional statement pieces that exudes sophistication and elevates any ensemble to new heights of elegance. 

- Solid Sterling Silver Belt Buckle
- Purple Alligator Belt
- Fine English Bridle Leather Lining 
- Handmade and Signed by John Allen Woodward

- Widths: .75"
- Any size length available