Master Shoe Maker John Allen Woodward Radio Interview (audio)

Streaming Interview of John Allen Woodward

Recently John Allen Woodward was interviewed and featured on BlogtalkRadio. The conversation will take you through John’s background, values, artisan development, and current work.


About John: “Award-winning artist John Allen Woodward is one of the few Americans still making fine, high-quality leather goods by hand. Featured on television, magazines, books, and newspapers, his client list is a diverse “who’s who”, of professionals, entertainers, politicians, and titans of industry. Although they all have different tastes and needs, they each have one thing in common: John’s clients demand the finest design, craftsmanship, and customer service money can buy, and it must represent their personal unique style.

John’s work will bear his handwritten signature, and stamp, and is not authentic without both. We hope you’ll visit us in the historic Little Italy Art & Design district in San Diego California. We have a large inventory of  fine leather goods and silver & gold buckles.”
Woodward started out as a guitarist in San Diego, got a recording gig in Nashville, and while there playing music, he met a bootmaker, whom he learned his craft from. He was also a cop for 10 years, but now is committed to his custom leather business. We’re going to find out more about John, and how he is branching out into metalsmithing to offer his clients custom hand-made accessories for his high-end belts, bags, and boots.
For more about John and his work, listen here